What is your name?
Matthew Lawrence
Where in Australia do you live?
The Winner is “Sydney"
What do you do for work?
Save the world on regular occasions
Why do you like shopping with Big Mens?
Great range, excellent service, fun times
What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own / owned?
My Donegal tweed Car coat - photos will be provided upon request
but I look so good in it there will be a charge per view
What job do you think you’d be really good at?
Making the impossible possible and brewing beer
What skill would you like to master?
Brewing said beer
What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
Life is an adventure and we should go on it everyday
If you had unlimited funds to build a house that you would live in for
the rest of your life, what would the finished house be like?
It would be a small but beautiful Art Deco inspired cabin in the snowy mountains underneath would be a lair… men don’t have lairs enough anymore
What’s your favourite drink?
Beer …. With a twist of lemon… Kidding just beer
What state or country do you never want to go back to?
None I’m always keen to give something a second chance
What songs have you completely memorized?
Lyrics to Johnny Cash’s" Ive been everywhere" and I have to tell you that was tough
What game or movie universe would you most like to live in?
I’d like to live in Midworld, Stephen Kings eponymous world from “the dark tower”. Id like to be a gunslinger 
What do you consider to be your best find?
I found a 1963 Typewriter that I adore
Are you usually early or late?
It Depends on how badly Im bending space/Time but normally I run late
What pets did you have while you were growing up?
A beautify English sheepdog called Penny 
When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with? Feeling good about themselves
What takes up too much of your time? 
Answering these questions so I’m going to stop now