3-Pack Pussyfoot Cotton Underwear Trunks



Pussyfoot - Underwear

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1. Pick a garment you own that fits you well and measure it following the illustrated  guide below "how to measure your garment" .

2. Compare the measurements of your own garment which fits you well,  with the measurements from the garment in the chart.

3. Pick the right size accordingly.

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If you have any questions about sizing, please email us at bigmenssydney@ronbennett.com.au or FREE CALL 1800 625 510. Please check opening hours.

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* Mens 3pk cotton trunks designed for everyday comfort for all body tipes
* Experience all day comfort, breathability, flexibility & freshnes:)
* Wide elatic waist with branding
* Cotton is naturally thermo regulating keeping the body cool
* Hypo-allergenic - jentle on skin, ideal for allergies, asthmatics or skin sensitivities
* Naturally breathable with moisture absorption
* 3pk everyday colours Black, Grey and Navy
* Material composition: 95% Cotton / 5% Elastain

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