R.M. Williams Stockyard 'Dilling' Long Sleeve Jersey in Red Stripe



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R.M.Williams uses the term XB in its sizing rather than XL. This simply means it is a wider fit than XL, also known as a ‘relaxed' fit, so the garments will feel looser than normal XL sizes. Chest sizes range from approximately 142cm to 187cm. Their jeans, shorts and pants come in waist sizes from 42" to 56" and are also made in a relaxed fit.

To understand more about different fits, please refer to our glossary

GETTING THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU. You already own a garment that fits the way you like? Follow these simple steps to find the right size for you.

1. Pick a garment you own that fits you well and measure it following the illustrated  guide below "how to measure your garment".

2. Compare the measurements of your own garment which fits you well,  with the measurements from the garment in the chart.

3. Pick the right size accordingly.

Sizing: still not sure?

If you have any questions about sizing, please email us at bigmenssydney@ronbennett.com.au or FREE CALL 1800 625 510. Please check opening hours.

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Created by R.M. Williams to target a wider audience, the Stockyard brand takes notes from classic R.M. styling and paves the way for it's own. Created with pure cotton. Woven with a winter weight pure cotton, finished with elastic cuffs, straight hem and button-up placket. 

As Stockyard is generally a bigger make, we recommend going down a size than your usual.

Product: 5519234    Style: 5519    Colour: 234

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