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Featured BIG MAN - Brian Shaw. Strongest man in the world

December 06, 2016

Brian Shaw is a title holding titan of physical strength and overwhelming determination. That's why he's our new Featured BIG MAN.

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3 ways to dress like a boss in the office

November 29, 2016

Looking sharp in the office is a must for anyone making the effort to get ahead in their career. Here are three ways to turn heads as you stroll into work.


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How to shop for a BIG MEN - A partner's guide

November 22, 2016

With Christmas coming up you might have started thinking about what to get for those large, important men in your life. Clothes are a great choice for a gift, but there are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for someone else...

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What to wear to a Barbie - Style guide

November 08, 2016

What are the right summer outfit choices for big blokes at barbecues? Follow our styling tips and you'll get it right!

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