Measurement Guide

Finding the right clothes can be a very frustrating experience for anyone, but particularly for big men. It all comes down to the 'fit'. A perfect fit = comfort = confidence.
The secret to finding the perfect fit lies with two equally important factors: knowing your own measurements and understanding the sizing of each brand. Often people think they are one size when in fact they may have changed size or shape since they were last measured. Adding to the mix, brands often vary in their interpretation of a size. You might be a 2XL in one brand and a 3XL in another.
To help you select the correct size and ensure the perfect fit every time, start by checking and recording your measurements. We recommend you ask someone to help you. It is usually best to record your measurements in centimetres, as this is the unit of measure used by most brands today.



Measurement Guide1 Collar: Measure around the middle of your neck, at the Adam's apple. Allow room for your index finger to fit between the tape and your neck for a comfortable fit.
2 Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades.
3 Waist: Halfway between your lowest rib and the top of your hipbone, roughly in line with your belly button, making sure the tape is snug against your skin.
4 Sleeve Length: With your arm bent, measure from the prominent bone at the base of your neck across to your shoulder tip and down your arm to your wrist.
5 Shoulder: Measure straight across from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.
6 Centre Back: Measure from the prominent bone at the base of your neck straight down to your waistline.
7 Inside Leg: Measure from the inside leg at the crotch to just below your ankle bone.

You might also like to watch the 90 second videos below on how to obtain accurate measurements.

Once you have confirmed your own measurements, you are ready to start shopping.

On every product page of this website, you will see a drop down menu entitled 'Select Size'. Next to this, you will see a link entitled 'What's My Size?' If you click on this link, a new window will pop up on screen containing two things:

1. The instructions on how to check your measurements (as per above) and

2. The specific measurements of the garment you are looking at. They will vary from one brand to another.

If you do not see specific measurements it is because the supplier has not yet provided the specifications. If this is the case, simply contact us with the 7 digit product code of the garment you are interested in, along with your own measurements. We will then confirm your correct size.


Size guide videos



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