9 strange food ideas you'd never thought of

  • 3 min read

1. Bright Blue Burgers

Let's begin with an Oz invention: The Bright blue Burger. Available from Down Under eatery Ribs & Burgers, the chicken burgers were a promotional item for the release of X-Men: Apocalypse on Blu-Ray. More specifically, the blue burger buns were inspired by X-Men characters Mystique and Nightcrawler, who also have a deep blue skin color. In addition to the blue-hued buns, the burger features blue cheese as well as triple chilli chicken, lettuce, tomato and a variety of condiments. That actually sounds pretty legit. 


2. Shoe-shi

So if you are what you eat, than eating this shoe-sushi will make you heaps stylish we suppose? Milan-based chef and artist Yujia Hu, created these detailed sushi bites that resembles shoes. He replicated famous sneaker styles and brands such as Air Jordans, and Vans. This bloke needs 20 minute to assemble one of these "shoe-shi". How long would it take you to eat one up? Probably less than 20 seconds. The only thing that worries us most here tough is the fish/rice ratio. Hopefully the Japanese chefs serves sushi "models" with a bot more of salmon on it. 


3. Sprayable BBQ sauce

Okay okay we know summer is gone, but I am sure you will be up for a barbie once in a while even in the colder month. So we tought we'd show you this genius sprayable chicken wing sauce. Developed after creator, Zach Thomas, watched his father burn his fingers while basting chicken wings on the grill. This product provides an extremely simple and clean way to apply sauce to your wings, with no more tossing or basting.

4. Leopard milk bread

Your kids are gonna love this for brekkie.  Portugal based Patricia Nascimiento invented this funny looking milk bread that recalls the pattern of a leopard fur. She combined two dough mixes that were coloured with vanilla and cocoa. By separating the dough and refrigerating it before rolling it into cylinders and twisting it together with the vanilla dough, it resulted in a spotted leopard print. The recipe is accessible online 'Pearls&CoffeeLetsTalk' website. Challenge your wife to bake one as pretty as this one!

5. Caffeinated Morning Bagels

When the double shot simply cap isn't enough to get your day started.  Why not adding caffeine in your bagel? Einstein Bros Bagels in the US have created the "Espresso Buzz Bagel" which contains 32 milligrams of caffeine which the same amount of the average cup of coffee. That should keep you going for a while.


6. 3D printed pasta

okay this is some serious next level stuff. For the tech lovers and gimmicks amung you guys. Imagine your grandma replacing the mechanical pasta machine with the good old crank for a 3D printer. Yeah probably that's not gonna happen, however the technology is there and it's real. Co-founder of the Freedom of Creation design studio, Janne Kytannen made this all happen. Look  how cool, it's a mix of men's heads, marine plants, wedge shoes and strings of text have been mixed into a marinara sauce and a light-coloured soup. Heaps more innovative than the ABC noodles let me tell ya.

7. Edible Rubik's Cube

French chef Cedric Grolet uses a combination of gourmet ingredients beautiful colors and daring artistry to fashion desserts in the shape of the classic three dimensional combination puzzle. Gold foil cubes, pistachio pieces and coconut flakes add to the 3D visual effect of the edible Rubik's Cube. BIG BONUS: There's no need to actually solve it by twisting is around before eating it. Just take knife and fork and dive straight into it. 

8. LEGO chips

After opening a Legoland in Japan, the Danish toy manufacturer revealed it will serve the ultimate theme park snack LEGO chips at its food court.  The fries come in two styles, brick and rectangle. It doesn't look like they can be used to build an edible house...maybe someone should try to put layer of BBQ or tomato sauce in order to build a construction? Ok no wait it's not cool to play with food!

9. Chocolate-Covered Insect Snacks

So you thought you have seen it all after this blog post. You were wrong. The company "Don Bugito" produced one of a kind chocolate covered snacks, made of bugs. They are specialised  in insects such as mealworms, crickets and toasted superworms to deliver a sustainable source of protein and flavour to consumers. Also it's an alternative way to incorporate insects in the everyday diet which is very common in Asia.