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Big Men's Bisley Workwear 2XL to 6XL

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Featured BIG MAN: Michael Phelps: Tall Man with Style

He is now officially the most decorated Olympian of all time and while we are used to seeing this incredible American swimmer collecting gold at the Olympics, Michael Phelps faces the challenge of many men when it comes to dressing outside the pool. At 6 foot 4 inches, he needs to find clothes that cater to his huge athletic frame and build. We know that it can be challenging for any big and tall man to find clothing that suits him, but it shouldn't mean you can't show your own definitive style. Here's Michael Phelps looking cool in a simple white T Shirt. It's all about coordinating your clothes to find your own specific style and look. A decent fitting pair of jeans can set the tone for any street-smart ensemble. Throw on a casual shirt and you've got yourself a great edgy look. For a more refined occasion, it is as simple as matching a stylish suit with a smart, comfortable shirt. Being a big and tall man doesn't mean you have to cut back on suave style. Just look at how Michael Phelps wears this classic black suit and tie combination. For more great looks for big and tall men, be sure to check out Ron Bennett Big Mens full range in our online store.