Don't Adjust Your Screens - It's Jimmy Stuart Shirts!

  • 2 min read
Jimmy Stuart 1We get pretty excited when a new batch of Jimmy Stuart shirts come in. No other brand is producing shirts as bold and dazzling as these guys. A real credit to a young Australian company looking to make a big splash in the menswear market. Not afraid to make shirts that are brimming with bright colours and featuring spectacular, often eye-popping designs, Jimmy Stuart clearly understand that not all big and tall men are afraid of stepping out in audacious, confident clothing. It is this "Big, Loud and Proud" attitude that we love here at The Significant Man, and we know the Jimmy Stuart brand is onto a winner with this new range they have released. In keeping with the Jimmy Stuart tradition, they have included several big, loud shirts full of colour and stylish patterns, but this time they have included several more subtle designs and tones for king size guys looking to add some sophistication to their casual wardrobe. Perhaps the most impressive element of all Jimmy Stuart shirts is the quality. It would be easy to produce such bold designs and cuts using inferior materials, but instead, all of Jimmy Stuart's shirts are crafted with pure precision, and made from only the highest quality fabrics. Put simply, these shirts are built with passion and designed to last for years. Here's just a taste of the new shirts: 41014404088001 40940194092440_1 For a limited time, Ron Bennett Big Mens Clothing are taking 15% of all Jimmy Stuart shirts. Make your way to the online store and check out the Jimmy Stuart collection. Go on! Inject some bold Jimmy Stuart style into your casual wardrobe!