The Scarf - The Neck's Big Thing for Big Men

  • 2 min read
Scarfs for big menYou may think that the humble scarf is nothing more than a basic length of fabric in a rectangular shape. Well, yeah...that's true, but the scarf actually has an interesting history and is one of the most enduring male fashion accessories. Here's 6 historical facts you may not have known about scarfs: 1. In Ancient Rome, the scarf was in fact used as a kind of sweat towel instead of a fashion accessory. Men would wear them around their neck or tied to their belts. When the sweat built up on the face and neck, the scarf would come out to soak it up. 2. In 230 BC, scarves were worn to represent military rank in China. Chinese Emperor Cheng and his warriors wore scarves made of cloth. 3. In the 17th century, Croatian mercenaries also wore scarves to mark their rank. 4. It was in the 1800's when scarfs began taking off as fashion accessories. Many believe this was largely thanks to Queen Victoria's obsession with wearing them. 5.  In the 1900's, a popular dancer named Isodora Dunca introduced long flowing scarves. While the style took off, it unfortunately lead to her freak death. While sitting in the passenger seat of a car, her scarf got caught in the spokes of the wheel and around the shaft, breaking her neck. 6. Men's scarves became popular in World War 1 when they were worn by aviators who used them for warmth and to prevent chafing. What a Scarf Can Do For YouScarf Group a Us men have to make do with a more limited amount of accessories than women, so we should embrace a stylish, functional accessory like a scarf. They can not only keep you warm and toasty in the colder months, but they can also make a relatively drab outfit look much more interesting by adding colour and texture. The most appealing thing about a scarf to most men though, is their simplicity. You don't have to be a fashion stylist to know how to wear a scarf. While there are certainly different ways to tie one, the most popular and reliable technique to put one on is simply throwing it around your neck. Ron Bennett Big Mens Clothing have a great range of Sovrano scarfs for big men looking to add a dash of colour and style to their winter wardrobe. For a limited time, you can add any items to your cart worth a total of $200 or more and receive a free scarf of your choice.