3 Reasons to Choose a Non-Iron Shirt

  • 2 min read

You may have come across our non-iron shirt range whilst you've been browsing and skeptically skipped over them, I mean after all, clothes that look pressed without being ironed? It must be a myth! Don't be so quick to dismiss it - they're 100% cotton and they've been specially treated with a wrinkle resistant formula to keep them looking great without the effort. Here are a few reasons you should give non-iron shirts a try:

Money Saving

There are plenty of ways your investment in a new non-iron shirt will pay off financially. Let's start with the basics; you save on the electricity bill when you can skip ironing or steaming your shirt in the morning or perhaps even the wrinkle free setting in the dryer. Simply hang it up on the washing line and it'll dry straight.

If you take your clothes to a dry cleaner, you can avoid the fees of getting your shirt pressed post-wash. It's not that big of an expense but it all adds up over you'll have more spare change for that extra cup of coffee on hump day!

Save Time

Save the five minutes you normally spend ironing or steaming your shirt and instead use that time to groom your hair or polish your shoes. Not to mention it eliminates the risk of potentially ruining your clothes if you hold the iron down for too long...not to mention avoiding those instances where you potentially forget to unplug your iron. The benefits are limitless!

Look Good All Day Long

You know the feeling when you've put time and effort into making yourself look presentable in the morning and then after hours in a mundane meeting being seated in a chair, you find ripples of creasing all over the back of your shirt? Well, you can say goodbye to that feeling.

Our non-iron shirt range is wrinkle resistant which means it not only dries crease free but it maintains that look all day long so you can consistently look fresh and presentable.


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