Brand Focus: BRAX - Revolutionasing Comfort

  • 2 min read

Brax is a German-based clothing brand that is revolutionising both comfort and quality. Their humble beginning includes their first appearance in 1888 when they launched as trouser specialists - but of course, once you conquer one you must move on to bigger and better things! They've successfully established themselves as a high end clothing brand that covers everything across the board including but not limited to knitwear, jackets and shirts while maintaining their specialty in trousers.

Their superior workmanship combined with only the best materials has resulted in their extensive range including activewear, womenswear, big and tall menswear...just to name a few.

With a strong emphasis on comfort, quality and durability, their new Eurex collection is tailored to suit a wider range of figures. Their ergonomic fit means you'll stay comfortable whilst being able to keep up with your busy and active lifestyle.

The Eurex collection includes pieces that are in very high demand right now with a guarantee of superb quality and the utmost comfort, from denim jeans to cotton chinos, Brax covers it. Accessorising is easy when you're faced with options that you can't go wrong with - our personal favourite is the charcoal Brax woven belt - featuring a great textured look and extra stretch for added comfort and flexibility. Wear it with a pair of Brax charcoal chinos and a classic white polo shirt for a casual weekend outfit.

Placed 15th amongst the largest German clothing producers in the TW Trade Journal's sales rankings for their diverse collection and brand values focusing on quality, fit and reliability - you'll definitely want to check them out and their latest collection available online at Ron Bennett Big Mens Clothing here.