Brand Focus: Blazer

  • 2 min read

It's the eternal struggle, finding a brand whose products cover all the bases, despite the occasion or season. Finding a brand that's an Aussie native and has had almost 30 years to culminate their craft, okay, that's getting awfully specific...

Meet Blazer, don't let their name fool you, they create much more than just blazers, their extensive range includes polos and tees, trousers, jeans, hoodies and sweatshirts, knitwear, underwear, footwear, pyjamas, swimmers and accessories. You name it, they make it.

Blazer specialises in creating fine garments for any kind of lifestyle a gentleman might possess, and doing so with only the best quality materials to create clothing that has style and functionality for the everyday activities you might partake in.

Their clothing range is timeless so you won't have to worry about your clothes going out of style, they implement their change each season through hues and class.

The team at Blazer understands the hardships people go through finding clothing that has been produced with effort and quality for big and tall men, so they've expanded their range and sizing to make Blazer your one stop shop for all your menswear needs.

Their sizes vary from 2XL to 7XL, with leg wear that measures from 107cm to 137cm - not having the freedom to splurge or stock up on essentials due to a lack of options is no longer an issue.

Check our their collection in our online store here. Our top picks of the season (now on sale) is the versatile checkered shirt layered with the cosy v-neck merino pullover, finished off with a pair of classic black chinos - you can rock this look over the weekend or even at the office.