Father's Day Gift Ideas

  • 2 min read

It's that special time of the year again where we celebrate our dads - the men who brought us into this world, who taught us how to be gentlemen, the men who instilled work ethic and responsibility within us and the men who still support us as grown ups!

So what can you buy that shows appreciation to the man who raised you into the stand-up guy that you are today? Here's a few ideas...

Help your old man look suave with some timeless accessories that he can pair up with a luxurious suit for those big formal occasions...perhaps when meeting your lady's parents! Try a stylish timepiece to keep him on time, the chunky skeleton watch styles are definitely fit for a gentlemen. Or try the new Ron Bennett cufflinks in silver for a sophisticated touch to his look!

Freshen up his wardrobe with some essential must-haves to keep him looking stylish. Check out some of our summer sale items like the Blazer Flat Front Cotton Shorts to help him stay cool during the upcoming warm season. Alternatively, you can give the classic pyjama gift, dad can never have enough comfy sleepwear to support his good night sleep! After all, a man needs his energy. Big Men's Clothing has got you covered there with our new distinguished burgundy dressing gown.

Does your father like to wind down after a long day filled with hard work and DIY projects? Consider dropping by your local liquor store and buying him a premium bottle of scotch or whiskey, it's easy and he's guaranteed to appreciate it.

Electronics are also fail-proof with the new age tech-savvy dads. You can't really go wrong with a new gadget, anything you get will keep him occupied.

Speaking of fail-proof, we've also got our Ron Bennett gift cards, beautifully presented, ready to give to your dad! Choose to either have it shipped free of charge within 48 hours or pick one up at your nearest Ron Bennett Big Mens store. The Gift Card values include $50, $100, $250 and $500.