Big and Tall Men: Trouser Tips

  • 4 min read

Choosing the right fit when it comes to buying a new pair of pants is something that many big or tall men may find challenging.

Which leads me to ask: have you heard the one about the male dancer who went to buy some new trousers?

He ordered them two sizes too big.

That way they’re better for ball room.

Badoom boom ching.

Anyways, buying the biggest sized pants in the store for big guys is not good advice.

Whilst some big and tall fellas do struggle with choosing a simple pair of trousers that will look good on them, the following advice will have you strutting your stuff in great looking strides in no time. So, don't fall into the trap of choosing pants that are too baggy, too tight, or worst of all, that sit way too low. All you need to do is simply read on to discover some useful advice when it comes to choosing the right trousers for big and tall men.

Whether you are big, tall or fall somewhere in-between, the right pants and jeans for your body shape is only a few clicks away.

For the Big Gent

Choosing the right pair of pants makes the difference in becoming a fashion victor or fashion victim.

You may be currently on the path to weight loss; however, this does not mean that you should buy ill-fighting clothes now just because they may fit you better in the future. As big men, we need to ensure we are always putting our best foot forward in the fashion stakes. Read on to discover some fitting advice on how big guys can choose the perfect pair of trousers:

  • Choose dark coloured trousers. This is a good idea for big men as dark tones have more of a slimming effect than lighter hues.
  • If you want to look leaner, it’s important to eschew the pleated look (this is the 1950s after all). Instead, opt for regular cut, straight leg pants. They have less fabric build up and therefore create less unnecessary bulk.
  • Skinny cut pants and jeans are a big no-no for larger men. Such pants will attract attention to your legs and create bulk in places you want to avoid. Instead, go for full cut, flat front pants.
  • Dress pants with a front pressed crease creates a vertical line down the leg, making them seem longer and giving the big man a slimmer look.
  • Wear your trousers high, but not too high. Just below your natural waist if possible. No one wants to look like Steve Urkel. Wearing your trousers low will require a belt, which, when pulled tight underneath the belly, causes the stomach to fall over it creating an unwanted bulge.
  • Being the owner of a power belly means it is sometimes more difficult keeping your pants from sliding down. We suggest a flat front, traditional or relaxed cut style pants.
  • While it's hard to beat a classically stylish belt for practicality, some big guys might like to mix it up a bit and wear braces. They can be an attractive option while also a more comfortable one.
  • Hopefully by now you can appreciate that, when it comes to choosing trousers, simply purchasing the biggest size pants available isn’t a wise move for us big men. It's all about the perfect fit.

For the Tall Gent

Being tall means you are able to wear virtually any style pants.

Despite having the advantage of height over the rest of the population, there are downsides to being a tall gent. People are always asking you to retrieve things for them the top shelf, you don’t fit in an airplane seat properly and buying off-the-rack clothes from a department store is usually a no go. However, there is hope. Following the tips below (and shopping at Ron Bennett Big Mens Wear of course!) will have you looking tall and handsome in no time…

- Tall men should always make sure they get full length trousers, as even the smallest show of ankles or socks creates an unflattering lanky look. Your pants and jeans should reach at least the top of your shoe.

- Being tall means you are able to wear virtually any style pants, from regular cut, boot cut to flat front. You just need to choose pants with a longer inseam and leg length. Remember that fit is everything.

- High-waisted pants and jeans are rarely a good look for tall guys. Try to keep your pants beginning just below the waist to create the most flattering look.

-Tall men often suit a stylish pair of chinos, which never go out of fashion, or tailored cotton pants.

- Avoid super slim skinny pants as they can turn a tall and dashing gentleman into a twiggy beanpole!

In conclusion

These are just a few tips when choosing your next pair of pants. The biggest tip we can give though, is to take charge of your size. Big or tall, you have got to dress with style. Own your body shape and size! There is nothing more appealing than a big confident man.