Big Man 2021 Christmas Special: Tips and Tricks to Celebrating in Style

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You’ve had your fill of ham and prawns. The air-con is on and Michael Bublé’s quintessential 2011 Christmas masterpiece Christmas has just begun its second spin for the morning. Beer in hand, you’re just about to go outside for a spot of road cricket wearing your new Chrissy present: a nice pair of thongs. When it comes to Christmas in Australia, let’s face it: it’s a very unique affair. However you choose to celebrate it, Christmas down under looks very different to its northern hemisphere equivalent. What we lack in snow and tobogganing and turkey we make up for in a unique set or traditions that make sense to us and out hot climes. With this in mind, it’s time to explore how we Aussie big men can make our own unique impact on having a truly Aussie Christmas this year. In this article we’ll take a look at the science of buying the missus perfect gift and how to become a big man boss of the BBQ. We’ll impart some tricks and tips to ensure everyone keeps their cool and enjoys the spirit of Christmas day.

big man gift

Become a big man who gives

Tis the season to get better at gift giving, especially when it comes to our significant other. This year it’s time for us big men to step away from giving the tried and true beauty treatment gift voucher. This year we’re going to put some careful consideration into our gift giving and use a little bit of science to steer us in the right direction. Did you know that research proves gifting someone a dud pressie can actually damage your relationship? We want to give the missus something she’ll love unwrapping. So, what we need to do is buy something based on your shared interests.

Are you and your lady friend foodies? Purchase tickets to a cooking class you can go to together. Both love music? Book a concert in. Recent research proves reveals that giving experiential gifts such as these trump material presents when it comes to bringing you and the recipient closer together. Be bold. Be a big man who gives great gifts.

Failing this approach, it’s not a silly idea to just ask our beloved what she wants.  Another study shows that people are much more grateful when receiving gifts they ask for than for those they don’t. Trust us on this one. You can’t go wrong. It’s science after all.

big man bbq

Born to grill

We’ve already given you 4 hot tips on how to hone your grilling game. Suffice to say that as Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to up your big man Aussie BBQing skill set. For us big men Australian males, BBQing is more than just something to cooking food. It’s a time honoured tradition, something handed down through the generations. Truly, a man may be judged on his aptitude (or lack thereof) on the hotplate. That’s why it is essential before reading any further you need to be au fait with BBQ cookery. Seriously, go back and revise our previous blog entitled 4 TIP GUIDE FOR BIG MEN'S BBQING. Do it now. Here is the link again in case you missed it the first and second time! Because we are now going serve up some other key considerations for making your Christmas Day BBQ one for the ages.

Just like picking out the perfect pressie, it’s all about prior preparation. As you’ll see below, in order for your BBQ to be a flaming success, you need to curate the right ambience.


What Christmas Day BBQ would be complete without the obligatory game of cricket? Or if you want to go even more old school and even more Australian, why not try a quick game of battendi? This traditional indigenous game was originally played with spears by Aboriginal people in the Lake Murray, Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert areas of southern Australia. It has two parts to it: see who can throw the farthest and see who can hit the target. Instead of spears you throw a tennis ball. And instead of woomeras you propel your projectile with a ball thrower. Interested? Check out the more about the rules and history of the sport here.

License to grill

After you’ve worked up an appetite indulging in some Christmas day activities it’s time to get your big man BBQ game on. In light of all the aforementioned points about how BBQs represent our manhood, let’s turn to that bastion of news and information for women, the Australian Women’s Weekly for some inspo! Seriously, you cannot go past their recipe for barbecued lamb leg with lemon thyme salsa verde. Trust me on this one: it'll knock your guests socks off!

Big Man Christmas Dress Code

Have yourself a merry little Christmas Day by wearing some nice new threads. Casual and relaxed is the order of the day. We recommend a great looking polo (or even Hawaiian shirt if you’re feeling a little tropical) paired with a great pair of summery shorts. So why not spoil yourself (or drop some subtle hints) to ensure you get some nice new big man threads for the big day?

Final thoughts

So there you have it. All of the makings of a cracking Christmas Day. Besides all the prepping and partying the other main ‘p’ word to remember is positivity. Take the time this Christmas to revel in the cheer of the season. Be a big kid again. Slow down and enjoy the time with your nearest and dearest. At the end of the day, your presence is the real present.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

By Anthony Cheadle