Big Man-cessories: Necessary Fashion Accessories for us Big Men

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Have you heard the famous quote about fashion accessories for men? “The best fashion accessory for a man that he should never leave home without is self-confidence.” And we could not agree more. In fact, over the last couple of years we have been writing about the importance of developing our self-confidence as big men. From golf tips to beachwear to the fundamentals of how to hygge, we have extolled the virtues of how we big men can style our lives for increased levels of swagger and success.

Now it’s time to look at some necessary accessories for big men. Big men who want to cap off their already great look with some must have accessories. Big men who know the difference between looking good and looking great is well-chosen accessory items.

big men scarves

Big Men Scarves

What is one big men accessory that combines both functionality and flair? Scarves of course! Over the ages scarves have long been a staple in a man’s wardrobes. However, in more recent times scarves have, wrongly, been regarded as more for the fairer sex than for us big men. So, let’s just set the record straight: scarves are manly. In fact, their history is intertwined with military tradition. Featuring prominently on the famous terracotta warriors of 3rd century BCE Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, neck scarves were used to denote rank in a form of early military insignia.

These days, the primary function of a man’s scarf is to keep his neck warm. Beyond this, they can dress up an otherwise ordinary-looking ensemble by adding a touch of sophistication and flair. Choosing a scarf is one area you can be bold in terms of your colour palette. Scarves work really well to dress up a suit or sports jacket. They can also look very appealing when paired with a nice jumper. When it comes to wearing one, the next question is: to wrap, loop, tuck or knot? For expressing self-confidence, scarves are a great way for us big men to shine.

Big men bags

big men bags

It’s not a man purse, it’s a satchel.” With this famous remark delivered in the 2009 quintessential buddy film, The Hangover, big men wearing bags became immortalised in pop culture. Obviously, we don’t want to be the butt of jokes à la Alan. However, we can learn a lot from his self-assured swagger. His confidence to accessorise with a man bag/satchel stood him apart from the crowd. And while his choice of bag may have left a little to be desired, we big men can still make a good impression by accessorising with a really fashionable bag.

Let’s talk a little about first impressions for a minute. There are several things someone else notices about you when they meet you for the first time. Two of which are whether or not you look successful as well as adventurous. And that is why a great bag makes the perfect big man accessory. Carrying a bag proclaims your status as an important big guy. A big guy that gets things done and is on the move!

Big men belts

big men belts

More than a big man-cessory, a good belt is a necessity. Everyman should own several belts, including a really good quality leather belt. In fact, belts should be worn every time you are wearing long pants (yes that includes jeans too!). The humble belt should not simply be regarded for its pure functionality of keeping your pants from falling down. Belts also serve as great statement pieces, helping to finish your overall look. Whether we big men need to add a hint of colour or break up our midsection (which is good advice for us big guys) a great belt can cinch it altogether.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. Accessorising for us big men doesn’t seem so hard now, does it? We big guys who like to take pride in our appearance would do well to embrace the gentle art of man-cessories. Not only will big men accessories top off our already killer look, helping to distinctify (is that even a word?) ourselves from the crowd, they will also imbue us with a sense of confidence that is essential.

By Anthony Cheadle