Big Men History (Part II)

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What do Winston Churchill, Elvis, and Clive Palmer all have in common? They are all famous and powerful big men of history who possess a lot of swagger. In our continuing mission to seek out famous big men in history and investigate what sets them apart from the norm, let’s take a look at three other notable big men who left an indelible mark upon history.

Public Service Kingpin: Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

big guy fashion winston churchill PM

Winston Churchill: A Badass PM

Regarded as the man who helped win the Second World War by rallying the British in their darkest hour, Winston Churchill was a leader whose pathway to greatness wasn’t all smooth sailing. Despite being born into a politically powerful family, and educated at the prestigious Harrow School in London, young Winston was not a gifted scholar. Certainly, when he did enter political office, he also made many mistakes (we still haven’t quite forgiven him or the Brits for their blunders at Gallipoli). However, as the History books reveal, when May 1940 rolled around and Great Britain was facing utter defeat at the hands of Hitler during the Blitz, the big man came into his own.

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat,” he told the British people at the time. He later followed up with his now infamous and defiant “We Shall Fight Them” oration. History bares out that the big man's inspired leadership did the job and helped put the Nazis on the back foot. When this big man wasn’t giving rousing speeches to the House of Commons, he could usually be found wearing perfectly tailored three-piece suits, bow-ties, a top hat and smoking a stogie. Pure class.

Style: Formal

Entertainment Colossus: Elvis Presley (1935 – 1977)

the king elvis big guy fashion

The King left us All Shook Up

The King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley was born dirt poor on the wrong side of the tracks in Tulepo, Mississippi. To this day, the two room shack in which Elvis was born is a place of pilgrimage for many thousands of the King’s adoring fans worldwide. People want to know how the world’s first global superstar emerged from such humble beginnings. However, for Elvis aficionados there is no doubt about it, the King was always destined for great things. He was the ultimate triple threat: devilish good looks, dangerous dance moves and a voice that would make girls swoon.

Throughout his music career Elvis had always had a taste for living the high life. However, when the 1970s dawned the King really let loose. It is no secret that his hectic lifestyle involved abuse of painkillers. In fact, the toxicology report upon his death revealed 14 different prescription medications in his system. The King was also a bit of a junk food hound too. As the story goes, the King and his pals once took a midnight flight on his private jet from Memphis to Denver just to indulge in the Fool’s Gold sandwich (try it for yourself, it’s dangerously good!). Despite his tragic ending and the way he flushed his life down the drain (yes, he really is dead… most likely), the King goes down in history as a big man who left the world all shook up. Long live the King!

Style: Jumpsuits

Business Heavyweight: Clive Palmer (1954 – Present)

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Back on the Rich List: Big Clive

People laughed when Clive Palmer first announced in 2012 that he would be entering politics. Then they scoffed in 2013 when Clive announced that he would like to run for Prime Minister. That same year, when the big man twerked on the Kyle and Jackie O show, Clive’s critics had a field day. It seems no one really ever took the big man seriously. That is, until his Palmer United Party (PUP) started winning seats in Queensland and Western Australia. Suddenly, the pollies were fearful that the big guy was coming for them.

Alas, that is all history now as the big man disbanded the PUP in 2017. However, it looks like Clive is on the comeback trail if the recent news out of WA about how his newly revived United Australia Party is set to make its mark on the 2021 election is anything to go by. But rest assured, anything big Clive does to try to make Australia great again, from dinosaur parks to rebuilding the Titanic, will be sure to draw the ire of detractors. But I know who’ll be having the last laugh. Big Clive. On his way to the bank to count his money ($1.8 billion to be exact).

Style: Suits

That concludes our investigation into famous big men in history for now. The only question now remains: how might one best emulate the look and attitude of some of these big men into one's own life so as to become even more large and in charge?