Dos and Don'ts: Winter Dressing for Big Men

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It’s winter, we get it. It’s cold. All we want to do is rug up to stay as warm as possible. However, there are essential winter dressing Dos and Don’ts for big men this season to keep us stylish and warm.

Don’t dress like you’re at the snow

For big men it’s important to avoid wearing bulky layers so that we don’t end up looking the Michelin Man. There is where the Dos and Don'ts of dressing well for winter come in. They’re listed below. Study them. They are going to be your best friend this season.

Do layer your look

Layering means wearing more than one layer of clothing. It’s as simple as grabbing one of your old flannies, whacking a nice jacket or even a hoodie over the top and wearing a monochromatic t-shirt as the bottom layer. Hey presto! You’ve just achieved a nice new layered look.

Don’t add extra bulk

big men winter layering fashion

Use layering to maximise comfort, allow movement, and ensure warmth.

As big guys, we should use layering in winter to avoid having to wear thick overcoats and thus add extra bulk to our frame. However, at the same time what we want is heat retention. This is where the rule of three comes in. We want to wear three layers going from a thin bottom layer, to a slightly thicker middle layer, to an outside layer that is the heaviest. This is going to maximise comfort, allow movement and, most importantly, ensure warmth.

Do choose nice fabrics to layer

As mentioned, the best fabrics for your new layered look go from light to heavy in weight. This means you will want something light and breathable like cotton on your skin as the base layer. Next, you should opt for something like a 100% Australian Merino Wool sweater. Top it all off with a sturdy, well-designed jacket and you will have achieved a coordinated and effortless-looking layered ensemble.

Don’t go cold

If you are still feeling the cold you might want to consider wearing good quality underwear such as the humble men’s singlet beneath your base layer. Obviously, layering clothes is only really an option for you top half, so you might want to invest in some good quality jeansthat can go with most things in your wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but the only time I wear multiple layers on my bottom half is when I’m smuggling clothes because my suitcase is overweight at the airport.

Do stick to neutral colours

Leave the bright multi-coloured, Ken Done-inspired sweaters in the 80s. Really busy prints don’t flatter us big men. What we should opt for instead is wearing complementary colours. Everybody knows black is a slimming colour but be careful not to take this advice too far. It’s a good idea to wear dark colours to help conceal problem areas but stray away from the monochromatic look all over by also mixing it up a bit. The eye is attracted to lighter hues so try choosing pants in neutral colours like olive, grey and stone to play with proportion by offsetting a large torso.

Don’t forget your polo shirt

It’s time to parlay your polo shirt game into winter. Polo shirts look really great under your lighter jackets and blazers or even weatherproof outerwear as well. They make the wearer look refined and relaxed. Go one step further and wear a rugby shirt under a nice sweater. You’ll be warm, comfortable and what’s more – you’ll be looking oh so sharp.

Do throw in a statement piece

The above Dos and Don'ts are going to have us big guys looking large and in charge this winter. However, to really set yourself apart from the pack consider throwing in a statement piece to really set off your look. Just trust your instincts on this one. If scarves are your thing, go for it. Not to get too technical but there are many different ways to even tie a scarf, let alone the myriad options in colours, lengths and fabrics you could use to add a touch of colour to your winter attire. Alternatively, a new pair of nice boots or even a great looking hat could add that extra dimensionality to your look.

Don’t forget the fundamentals

If you’ve been a regular read of the blog over the years the following advice should be old hat to you by now:

  1. Draw the attention away from problem areas, such as the waistline (i.e. by throwing in a statement piece).
  2. Use layering so you don’t have to wear bulky clothing to keep warm. No one wants to walk around looking like George Costanza in a puffy jacket.
  3. Opt for a jacket or blazer with well-structured shoulder pads. This will help add a bit of verticality to your frame.

Read on to learn even more Dos and Don'ts: Winter for Big Men style tips!

Do go for texture

big men winter layering Do go for texture to add interesting details.

It’s vital to add in contrasting fabric textures when creating your winter wardrobe. Wools and cotton knitwear should be high on your list of winter go-to’s.  Whilst it may sound like a fancy fashion term, texture simply means adding a sense of variety to an outfit. This is especially important when wearing the same colour tones all over. No one wants to look like a roll of polyester.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Ultimately, as big blokes, we all want to wear something that is both flattering and functional. Follow these helpful Dos and Don'ts: Winter for Big Men style tips and use layering as an easy and flexible way to dress for both style and comfort. Whatever you choose to wear this winter, remember: keep it simple, textured, and add a splash of colour. You can’t go wrong.