Essential travel tips for big men you should know

February 17, 2017

For us big men the fun and relaxation of holidays can be ruined by the hassle of travel - seeing the world isn't that much fun when you're aching from hours in a cramped seat. But there are things you can do to achieve more comfortable travel for big men. Here are three areas to look at to make your next trip run a bit more smoothly:

Air travel

Plane trips are a pain for everyone, but particularly for large blokes. Modern aeroplanes just aren't built with us in mind. The experience can be made easier, though, with a bit of forward planning.

NBC News recommends picking your seat when you can. Tall blokes should take the emergency exit row for that little bit of extra leg room, whereas bulky guys might appreciate the extra shoulder room of a window seat. Guys who are both tall and wide might prefer an aisle seat for the extra manoeuvring room.

Choosing where we sit can make a big difference to how easy air travel is for us bigger guys.

Also consider booking flights at off-peak times - with fewer passengers, you're more likely to have empty seats around you, or the opportunity to move to one that has a bit more space. Of course, if you can spare the cash, you can always go for the upgrade to business class for some extra room.

Destination choice

Mode of transport aside, holiday travel can be made easier by choosing the right destination.

According to the BMC Public Health Journal, the Asia region has the lowest average body weight (for contrast, North America had the highest). This has run-on effects in terms of infrastructure and public transport accessibility - think about how easily you'll fit in a bus seat in Cambodia compared with one in California, say.

Climate is also a consideration. How well do you cope with heat and humidity? If you're not a fan, maybe try somewhere a little cooler rather than the tropics.

Some destinations are going to be more friendly to large bodies than others.

Pack right

The clothes you wear will affect how enjoyable it is to travel. Real Men Real Style says dress comfortably for travel, choosing trousers that have plenty of room in them and slip-on footwear. This doesn't mean large men have to sacrifice style for comfort, though - a tidy pair of jeans and a casual cotton shirt will keep you looking and feeling good even after hours of on a plane or bus.

If you're looking at your packing list and seeing a few items you don't own, Big Men's Clothing can help you out. Our range of big and tall clothing covers all climates and activities, and unlike the airlines, everything we sell is made specifically for large men. Check out our sizing guide to make sure it all fits, so your next trip is as comfortable as possible.

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