How to look good without trying

  • 2 min read

At Big Men's Clothing we often get customers asking how big Australian men like them can look good easily. They want practical answers that don't involve too much effort or thinking - a cheat sheet, if you like. With that in mind, here are four simple fashion tips for big guys who want to dress well but don't want it to be a hassle:

The easiest way big men can be stylish without trying is to wear clothes that fit well.

1. Make sure it fits

The easiest way big men can be stylish without trying is to wear clothes that fit them properly. This may seem obvious, but there's a tendency for big guys to wear clothes that are too big, thinking this will hide their shape. The opposite is true: too big, baggy clothes will draw attention to your bulk, and make you look sloppy into the bargain. You're much better off in something fitted, that's made for your shape and looks intentional.

Our measurement guide gives you everything you need to work out exactly what size you should be wearing. And if you get something from us and it doesn't sit right, you can exchange it for something that does.

2. Keep it balanced

You want your whole outfit to be working together to present the same style. Don't go loosely-fitted and casual on the top half if you're wearing fitted, formal pants on the bottom half - or vice versa. Make sure you're pairing fitted with fitted, and relaxed with relaxed.

This can go for materials, too - thin, refined suit pants will look a bit odd underneath a chunky knit jumper. Pairing the heavy wool with a more solid trouser material like denim will avoid either piece of clothing looking out of place.

3. Choose lightweight materials

Clothing made from lighter cloth will sit better, avoid adding unnecessary bulk to your shape, and is better suited to layering, which is a good style for large men.

4. Don't tuck your shirt in

This is probably the easiest dressing tip for big guys who don't want to promote the fact they're carrying around a spare tyre or two. Men's fashion advisors at Kinowear explain that the abrupt contrast of a shirt tucked into belted pants catches the eye and draws it to your belly. Leaving your shirt untucked means this area is covered by a flat plane of material that doesn't attract attention. This obviously doesn't work with dress pants or a suit, but in a casual outfit it's the way to go.

Looking good doesn't have to be an intense job. With these quick and easy style tips, and our carefully chosen range of plus-size menswear, large men can enjoy the benefits of being stylish and smart, without having to work too hard to get them. Spend less time worrying about dressing well and spend more time living well.