Profit during November Cyber Sales. Get a great looking wardrobe for the new year ahead.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So said the big man POTUS, Abe Lincoln. And he’s right. We big guys can’t say for sure what the New Year will bring. Hopefully, 2022 is free of lockdowns, restrictions, and social strife. Whatever happens we big men need to take charge of our destinies and chart a clear course of direction for not only ourselves, but also our families.

2022 is our year to show the world who’s boss.

In order to put our best foot forward come Jan 1st 2022 we can do some of the important legwork now. Planning out and purchasing the perfect big man capsule wardrobe that can steer us through a successful new year is paramount. As the old saying goes clothes maketh the man.

Science proves that what we wear really does affects how others perceive us and well as how we think about ourselves. Technically known as enclothed cognition, clothing impacts our (and others’) thinking processes based on the symbolism of what we wear. Want to get people to listen more carefully and trust you? Wear a lab coat. Want to be more aggressive on the sporting field? Make sure you’re wearing a black uniform.

Lab coats and black uniforms aside what can we big men wear to ensure we come across as confident, reliable and determined? Let’s take a look at some necessary big man capsule wardrobe items you need to acquire to upgrade your new look in 2022.

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These are considered high on the list of great clothing options for the big man. For us big guys, the wearing of a jacket gives a clearly defined shape to our frame. A nice looking, well-fitting jacket is going to sharpen our silhouette and make our physique look neat and self-contained. As we’re coming into the summer season we recommend opting for a lighter material. This is not to say however, that you shouldn’t stock up for the next winter season. Especially when considering the fact that we are coming up to the season of sales (such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

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Did you know?

The sale known as Cyber Monday gets its name from the many people who eschewed the mayhem and craziness of the Black Friday sales. Instead of fighting through hordes of shoppers, these savvy buyers would wait until they got back to the office on Monday to make their heavily discounted purchases.

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Polo shirts

No big man capsule wardrobe is complete without several great polo shirts. The polo shirt is one of the most versatile big man clothing items you can own. It’s perfect for many occasions. From the Sunday BBQ, to a trip to the shops, to a relaxed dining out experience you can do it all in style with a versatile polo. Why not pair your new polo shirt with a jacket? You will achieve a nice new look that will help you come across as both relaxed and refined.

Dress shirts

The more refined, “businessy” older cousin of the polo, the big man’s dress shirt is your ticket to go anywhere. Worn untucked with a classic pair of jeans, these really give you a look of subtle sophistication. Now that we are coming up to summer holidays, it’s not time to retire your business shirts just yet. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the upcoming sales to stock up on some new gear for the coming work year.


When it comes to finding the right pair of big man jeans, we have already given you the low down of what to look for. A slim or relaxed fit for big men is best. Give skinny jeans a wide berth. Rather, grabbing a pair of relaxed fit jeans in a dark colour is the go. A great option for day-to-day casual wear as well as attendance at a smart-casual function. A classic pair of denim jeans really does pair with just about anything in your big man’s capsule wardrobe.

Final thoughts on constructing your new big man look in 2022

The end of the year really is the best time to be planning for the new year ahead. November gifts us big guys with some fantastic opportunities to grab the new threads that will steer us through 2022 with confidence and style. Be ready and raring to go when Black Friday (26th November) and Cyber Monday (29th November) roll around. That way you’re sure not to miss out on maximising your big man wardrobe for minimal outlay. Start stepping out your future by putting your best foot forward fashion-wise in 2022!

By Anthony Cheadle