3 ways to dress like a boss in the office

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Did you know that the average human spends around one-third of their life working? Spending that much time in the office, you might as well make sure you're looking good. Dressing sharply in a work environment not only tells people that you're a proactive man who takes care of things, it helps you feel comfortable and confident, which will have a positive effect on your manner at work.

Let's look at three ways to give your professional image some style:

Wear a spread collar shirt

A dress shirt with a spread collar (one with an angle wider than 90 degrees between the collar points) will give your face far better proportioning than a narrow point. Spread collars also lend themselves to a larger knot in your tie (if your office is the kind where ties are appropriate). Check out this guide for more advice on how to rock a tie as a big man.

Swap your belt for suspenders

Real Men Real Style says that not only are suspenders super-comfortable, they are also far more practical for big guys. Using suspenders allows you to wear your work trousers a little more loosely than a belt, without worrying about them falling down. Additionally, suspenders will lend you a sense of individuality that will mark you out as innovative and creative - always a bonus in a corporate environment.

If you're not sure you can pull off the suspenders look, a well made leather belt still carries a fair bit of class. Try one of these, and remember the general rule that your belt and shoes should match.

Go smart-casual with a polo shirt

If your office is a little more relaxed about its dress code then a classic polo shirt is a great balance of casual style and professional respectability. GQ recommends a polo in the office as a way of "breaking free from your stuffy button-down".

To make this look work go with a plain-coloured polo or one with a very subtle pattern. Anything too loud will tip your appearance from professional to party guy, which might work well on casual Friday but isn't so appropriate on Monday morning.

Try a printed polo like this with a pair of chinos and brown leather shoes or Chelsea boots for a look that ticks all the boxes. Because the polo is that much more casual than a buttoned shirt you might want to avoid combining it with jeans in the office, although it will depend on your particular dress code. You can do up all the buttons of a polo for a more formal look, or leave the top one undone for a more relaxed style. But be careful of how far down the placket (the bit with the buttons) goes, GQ says - you don't want to show too much chest. And no matter how casual your office is, never pop the collar.

Whatever you do for a living, it's important to look your best while you do it. Check out our range of clothes assembled specifically for big men - we've got something for you no matter your size or your style.

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