The perfect fitting Jeans for big men


When trying on clothes with several cut options, we recommend to start with the Regular cut, and then look for other cuts of the same-sized article of clothing like “Relaxed” to solve issues with fit.

Jeans are a great example because they come in endless cuts and styles. Big guys look sloppy when certain areas of the jeans are too loose, pulled up too high, or are too baggy, despite being the right size for their waist. When jeans don't fit properly, the only option most men exercise is moving up a size in the same style jeans.

This might fix one problem but it can create others. If Regular-cut jeans fit fine across the waist but are tight across your rear and thighs, instead of grabbing the next waist size up, look for the Relaxed-cut of the same waist-size pant, which will have more room in the seat and thighs, and see if those fit better.



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