How to Have a Big Man Big Night In

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So, we’re in yet another Lockdown. Despite any protestations to the contrary, going to the pub and hanging out with your mates is not a reasonable excuse to leave home. Nor are you permitted to even have anyone over to your place, unless it’s an emergency (and wanting to drink wine and eat cheese doesn’t qualify, apparently). Looks like there is nothing for it. Times like these call for us big men to take action. It’s time to create the perfect Big Man Big Night In for yourself and the missus.

In this article we take a look at several tips to help you plan and execute a Big Man Big Night In for the ages. And seeing as it could be ages until life returns to a semblance of normality, the time is definitely ripe for us big men to assume our ultimate domestic-God form.

Tip #1 - Curate culinary excellence

big man cookery

Big Man cookery is about flavour over austerity

We big men are not known for being overly resistant when it comes to partaking in epicurean delights. Thusly, we can bring to bear our larger than life energy and passion in creating a truly memorable meal for our loved ones. A Big Night In meal is actually calorie free. And that’s a scientific fact. So, with that in mind you now have carte blanche to go crazy in the kitchen cooking up some truly delectable delights.

Impress upon your significant other your claims of Michelin chefdom by whipping up a classic Lobster Thermidor. Stepping it slightly down a notch in terms of difficulty level, you may find a traditional Steak Diane is more your speed. And if you really want to be expedient, don’t forget the good old Croque Monsieur (the fancy name for ham and cheese toastie). Whatever you decide, ensure you leave a good taste in your dinner guest’s mouth by delivering big on dessert. Sex in a pan, anyone?

Tip #2 – Indulge in fine quality wine

big man wine

"A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou"

Here’s a pro tip for you: if you want to sound like a proper big man wine snob, you don’t need to devote years of your life and spend lots of money to become a sommelier. Not when you can simply chuck around a few choice jargonistic terms and swirl your glass like a pro. No, with the following pointers you will become a big man (fake) wine expert in no time:

Remember the five ‘S’s – See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savour

Look at the wine in the glass. Hold it up to the light. Nod in an appreciating manner. Now slosh it around in the glass for a few seconds. Stick your nose into the glass and inhale vigorously. Say ‘hmmmmm’. Take a sip and at the same time suck air through your teeth to make a kind of slurping noise (this will aerate the wine). Now, you’re good to go and get sloshed (note: we at Ron Bennett reckon that it's always wise to drink in moderation :-p).

Don’t disregard decanting

Decanting your wine will not only make you look like very cultured but, surprisingly, it will make the wine taste much more complex and intense (by accelerating the breathing process). According to Scientific American it’s got something to do with “allowing a few volatile substances to evaporate… [softening] the taste of the tannins that cause harshness and astringency in young wines.” Whatever that means.

Throw in some lingo

Is the wine big or tight? Has it got legs? Me personally, I love to enjoy an intellectually satisfying, complex red that’s a bit angular. Know what I mean? If not, check out some vino lingo.

Tip #3 – Show off your Big Man style

big man style

Big Man style game on point

You’ve set the table, cooked the meal and supplied the grog. Now all that’s left is to dress the part. Whilst this might not be a date in the outside world, that shouldn’t stop us big men from putting our best foot forward fashion-wise. This will be the difference between an okay night in and a truly memorable Big Man Big Night In. Indeed, your lady friend will certainly appreciate all the extra lengths you will go to in showing her a good time (insert pun here). If you’re stuck for what to wear, check out the amazing fashion advice we regularly dispense via our blog. Or sort yourself out by pairing a really nice shirt with some great quality slacks. Throw on a snazzy jumper .and you’re sure to impress.

Hey presto! You are now set for your next Big Man Big Night In. Who said life during lockdown has to be dull?

By Anthony Cheadle.