How to shop for a BIG MEN - A partner's guide

November 22, 2016

With Christmas coming up you might have started thinking about what to get for those large, important men in your life. Clothes are a great choice for a gift, but there are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for someone else:

Get the right fit

This is true when buying clothes for anyone, but it's particularly important to keep in mind when you're shopping for a larger guy, as clothes that fit right and look good on us can be hard to come by.

The solution is to look at what he already owns, not just for sizes but for cuts. You know he's a 3XL, but check out what kind of 3XL clothes he has. Are all his pants straight cut? It's probably because ultra-skinny jeans - or ultra-relaxed ones - don't sit right on him.

If you can get your guy's measurements (without spoiling the surprise) then that can help a lot with picking the right clothes. Check out our measurement guide for how to do this properly.

Different brands can vary a lot in how the cut of their clothes fit, so if you're unsure make a note of what brands he wears (and likes), and then buy him something else from their range.

When buying clothes for a big man, getting the right fit is crucial.When buying clothes for a big man, getting the right fit is crucial.

Fill the gaps in his wardrobe

If he's already got a great jacket, he doesn't really need a second one. But he might be missing a good pair of dress pants - that's the gift to get him.

Buy what he'll like

Keep your man's style in mind when shopping for him and he'll be much more appreciative.

You know your guy. If he spends six and a half days a week in a trim button-down, there's probably little point buying him a basketball singlet. A big man's style is developed out of a combination of what looks good for someone his size, and his own unique tastes and influences. Keep that in mind when shopping for him and he'll be that much more appreciative.

Shop for him, not just for you

It can be hard, but the important thing to remember when buying clothes for someone else is that it's about what they'd like, not just what you'd like to see them in. If it's not the sort of thing they like then it's not a great present. This isn't to say you can't branch out or surprise him with your clothing choices, but it should be about embracing and accentuating his sense of style, not yours.

We understand that finding the right clothes for a big man can be tricky, and so we offer a free 30-day returns policy. If you get something for your man that's not quite right, we can exchange it for something that is. Alternatively, there's always the option of a gift card - that way you can be sure the big men in your life will get exactly what they want for Christmas.

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