How to Spot Quality Electric Scooters for big guys

  • 3 min read

In Australia, a lot of companies offer a variety of affordable Electric Scooters for anyone who’s interested in this new trend. As the electric scooter industry continues to expand into formerly uncharted territories, the number of people using these environmentally-friendly vehicles has been on an uptick over the past few years. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of using an electric scooter but not all models are designed for big guys or girls.



Looking for the best electric scooter for big guys can be tricky since there are a few things that you have to look at, such as weight limit, motor power, and battery life. It may not look it but electric scooters can actually handle big individuals. Let me explain why.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to spot quality electric scooters for big guys. Make sure to take note of these before getting one for yourself.

  • High Weight Limit

Not all electric scooters are designed to support all kinds of load. In fact, most of them are made with smaller riders in mind. So make sure you look for one that supports high max loads. Make sure you find one with the best quality when it comes to weight limit for big guys. Most of them are made from quality material and pack a powerful motor which allows it to support a max load of up to 150 kg.

  • Build quality

Most electric scooters are small and portable which means that it has to made up of strong materials to be able to hold its own especially its rider. The most important features to look for are its construction like deck width, height and materials used. A flimsy build will be unlikely to cope with higher loads. When buying an e-scooter with greater body mass in mind, ensure you choose a high-quality model built with strong, durable materials. Electric scooters all share a robust build quality that will assure long term durability and low maintenance costs.


  • Braking Power

Given that an increased load will result in longer braking distances at higher speeds, the braking capacity of an electric scooter needs to be given a higher priority for a heavier rider. Always bear in mind that stopping distances will be affected by weather conditions, terrain, and response time – which itself may be impacted by poor light or rider impairment.

  • Comfort

An Electric Scooter without either suspension or air tires will be difficult to ride on normal pavements and nearly anywhere else. Make sure to get one equipped with these features to get the most of out of your purchase.

  • Battery & Range

One of the most confusing specifications of an electric scooter is its estimated ranges. The Rider’s weight, height, head-win, terrain, topography, how much starting and stopping you do are all crucial parts of the overall estimation. You should take note of the distance of your trips as well as the battery capacity needed to reach your destinations. Once you have taken these into consideration, you should be good to go without worry knowing that you’ve added a bit of headroom.

  • Top Speed

There are two types of defined speeds, the maximum speed and the comfortable cruising speed. Some scooters will claim to have a blistering 20mph top speed, but for anyone who has tried one at this speed will find that it’s not realistic to travel any sort of distance with a bone shattering ride if it’s not designed with large air Wheels &/or suspension. Cruising speed on the other hand is the highest sustained speed for pretty much your entire ride. Choose one with a high top speed so you can travel at a smooth cruising speed without ever feeling uncomfortable.


  • Smart Features

Modern state-of-the-art Electric Scooters will have a Bluetooth App that will allow you to not only view trip information (speed, range, power, etc.) but also allow you to customize the handling through the ‘Ride Mode’ settings, enabled/disable the lighting, or engage the motor lock function. Compared to the information dashboard on previous generation electric scooters, they’re small, unilluminated and difficult to read. Always check if the scooter’s information is presented on a large clean illuminated screen that’s easy to see at a glance so you can keep track of everything from your current speed to your battery percentages.

With all these in mind, electric scooters for big adults can be an excellent value for money when you consider how fun and convenient they are to ride. They are well equipped with all the right features to provide anyone, especially the big guys, with a ride they can rely on. They are not limited to just the average person anymore. With so many different models and variations, there will always be one that will suit anyone’s needs regardless of your height and your weight.