Lockdown Loungewear

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How has fashion changed since Lockdown? People are catching up with what big guys have known for ages: loungewear is king. Vive la Lockdown Loungewear!

During these strange and uncertain times, it’s important to look after oneself. Whilst there may not be a dress code for home isolation, what you wear matters. To quote the inimitable Coco Chanel: “Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love.”

Indeed, studies show that wearing clothing that we feel comfortable in, that makes us look good and helps express our personality, has a positive effect on our mood. Slobbing around the house in worn out tracky dacks and your old slippers is out. Dressing in well-designed loungewear is in.

(Editor's note: we completely understand during Lockdown you might want to get in some serious Netflix sessions indulging in such quality programs as The Last Dance!)

Working from home? Don't get stuck looking worse for wear. Dress up your Lockdown wardrobe with some timeless loungewear

Feel good Lockdown fashion

Pyjama sales are up, people aren’t wearing pants so much anymore, but track and lounge pants are very popular and cardigans are suddenly cool. Strange days, indeed!

But now is not the time to luxuriate in one’s own languor. The Coronavirus Lockdown has given the world a much needed pause button. We are forced to halt our hectic lives. Now is the time to take stock and realise what is truly important. And when it comes to fashion choices, maybe what’s important right now is something that bigger guys have known all along: you can look your best and be comfortable at the same time.

Read on to find out how to use the art of Lockdown Loungewear to "dress up" dressing down.

Coronavirus Lockdown Loungewear: A How To

Wearing tracksuit pants all day used to be the sole domain of professional athletes or street-level drug hustlers. These days, a really nice pair can have you both looking good and feeling relaxed whilst you’re housebound. Opt for track suit pants with a nicer fabric, such as 100% organic cotton or even a cotton blend. Whatever you go for, just make sure the material and weave is breathable. Elasticated cuffs at the bottom give that extra touch of tailored enhancement.

Go ahead, put on a t-shirt. Nowadays every day is casual Friday. Big guys know that choosing the right t-shirt in terms of fitment is important. The more significantly proportioned gentleman does not need to be wearing a baggy t-shirt that is two sizes too big in the hopes of covering up. Nor does he want to wear something that is figure-hugging either. The former will have him looking like he’s wearing a tent whereas the latter will make him look like a wrapped ham.

Become a Cardigan Guy

Cardigans are a lounge wear staple and will help you stay classy and relaxed during Lockdown

Cardigans can make you look a bit silly, right? Wrong! Do you know what loungewear the generation of men who fought in a Second World War chose to relax in? Cardigans, of course. Because of the Coronavirus Lockdown, the humble cardigan is gaining once again in popularity after being the loungewear item of choice in the 1940s and 50s. Cardigans went through a resurgence in popularity during the 1990s (think Kurt Cobain) but are definitely back in a bigger way during the Coronavirus Lockdown. And why not? They are functional and comfortable and exude an unassuming nonchalance. Cardigans are versatile enough to be worn on their own or used to layer on top of t-shirts or beneath blazers. Choosing to wear a really well-made cardigan in a basic tone is going to up your whole Lockdown wardrobe game and leave you looking sharp as you work from home.

Lockdown clothes maketh the man

So there you have it. The Coronavirus Lockdown should be a chance to slow down and appreciate what we have in our lives right now. It is an opportunity to relax and take time to reinvent oneself. You could start with incorporating some of the advice contained within this article to invest in creating a capsule wardrobe inspired by loungewear. After all, looking our best makes us feel happier. So, during Lockdown, why not help stimulate the economy by adding a few classic loungewear pieces to your online shopping cart? A bit of retail therapy might just be what the doctor ordered during these strange times.