Relaxing in style: How to choose the right big men sleepwear

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There is good news for us big men as we enter into hibernation mode this winter. Research shows that sleeping in colder conditions is better for our overall health. According to the studies, tucking into bed during the winter months means a deeper, more restful sleep. Not only that, it can also help lower our stress levels.

We all know the benefits of a good night’s rest. the next day we feel charged up and ready to make our dent in the universe. A good night’s rest has us on our best game. But, how many of us big men pay attention to levelling up our sleepwear game? Sure, we may be dressing to kill in the daytime, but our sleep time attire is probably leaving a lot to be desired.

You’re probably taking the easy and boring option when it comes to dressing for bedtime, am I right? You’re a big guy who thinks donning an old T-shirt and pair of boxers before hopping into bed is an adequate ensemble. If this sounds like you, help is at hand.

Big Men Sleepwear Basics

big men sleepwear

Above all else, what we big men choose to wear to bed should be comfortable.

When seeking superior comfort after dark, choose fabrics which offer a subtle, appealing texture that are also breathable. Which takes us to the point we find ourselves making time and time again: it's all in the fabric. Our sleep attire should be appropriate for the climate we’re in. Big men who live in the tropics need to wear completely different sleepwear versus big men who live in cooler climes.  

The next logical step is to choose your night time ensemble based on your sleeping situation. Obviously, we want to choose a different look if we are having a sleepover and trying to impress the in-laws, versus a night at home trying to impress the missus.

Boxers are the clear winner for us big men when it comes to donning appropriate sleepwear. Every big man should own a pair of cotton boxer shorts, if not several. They're comfortable, inexpensive, easy to maintain. Unlike tight undies, boxers leave plenty of room for the crown jewels (which is important). Another great choice is the classic pyjama set. Slip into these for a refined look as well as luxurious comfort throughout the night. Wearing pyjamas made from super soft bamboo, soft cotton and/or a polyester blend is ideal for relaxing indoors and providing a perfect night’s rest.

big men sleepwear

Silk may seem like a good idea at the time, but beware descending to Hugh Hefner-like levels

When it comes to choosing your night attire, the most important element is that you are comfortable. So, if you are more at ease in the altogether, maybe just invest in a good quality dressing gown for the sake of modesty.

Final thoughts

Trust me when I say you will feel more large and in charge when you’re hopping in and out of bed in nice pjs. Indeed, wearing great sleepwear is a basic show of self-respect. It’s the fashion equivalent to decanting your wine instead of taking a slug straight from the bottle.

Investing in good quality sleepwear is a real game changer. Wearing sleepwear can help us big men better transition from the stresses of the workday to a time of personal relaxation and recreation. At the end of the day, popping on some pjs signals to yourself and those around you that it’s time to relax. So why not do it in style?

Go on, give yourself the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep with some high quality big men’s sleepwear. Show the world who’s boss as you sip coffee and read the papers on a Sunday morning dressed to kill in your big men pjs.