Big Men's summer style guide

  • 3 min read

With summer upon us, most big guys are just concerned with keeping out of the heat. But staying cool doesn't mean you can't also look cool, right? Big Mens Clothing has everything you need to beat the heat and look good doing it. Check out these easy, stylish options for a sweet summer wardrobe.


These are a must for big blokes trying to survive the Aussie summer. We've got shorts for all occasions - wear our swim shorts to the beach, or these crisp-looking Blazer flat front shorts to a barbecue. We've also got sportswear like these Canterbury training shorts, in case your New Year's resolutions involve hitting the gym or putting some time into perfecting your backyard cricket technique.

Avoid the temptation to wear your shorts too baggy - it's only going to make your hips look bigger and your calves look smaller, and you don't want that chicken drumstick effect. You want to wear your shorts fitted enough that they look proportional, but not so tight that they cling.


As much as you'd like to spend the entire summer in shorts, sometimes you have to put on your grown-up pants and go to work. Jeans in summer can be a sweaty-legged disaster, but that's where a pair of lightweight chinos can help you out. These pants are smart enough for the office, but cool enough for the sun. With the warm weather you might want to try a rolled cuff on your pants, but bear in mind it'll immediately make your outfit a casual one.


You're going to need something on the top half to go with those chinos. A lightweight cotton shirt will keep you cool and deal with sweat much better than synthetic fabric. Long sleeves are more formal, but if you can get away with short sleeves then your forearms will thank you. 

But for a big occasion like a wedding or that crucial job interview, go with something simple, sharp and formal. A tailored shirt like this Blazer Landon long-sleeve in black seems like it'd be tight and sweaty, but the pure cotton gives you a breathable shirt that looks good without being too stuffy. This printed long-sleeve from Bennett has a more playful style, but will still be totally appropriate at work or formal social occasions.


For more relaxed occasions that don't require a button-down, polos give you the relaxed casual feel of a t-shirt without the slobbiness. Breezy and unrestrictive, polos give us large guys a comfortable option that can pretty much be our default top for the summer. Go with a solid colour for the office like this navy Brax polo for casual Fridays, or a bolder pattern for weekend drinks.

Summer can be hard on big guys, but it also offers so many opportunities for fun and relaxation. Make the most of the chance to get out and relax, whether that means getting out to the beach, enjoying a beer next to the barbecue, exploring what entertainment your city has to offer or just relaxing at home with mates and family.

Whatever you've got planned this summer, we can sort you out with a wardrobe that will keep you looking smart without succumbing to the sun. Make sure you check out our sizing guide when choosing clothes, and if you're unsure about a particular item, rest assured that you can return it and exchange it for something that's right for you.