The flexi-waist cargo pant is perfect for strutting around town

  • 2 min read

Who doesn’t love Autumn? A season of mists. The turning of the leaves sets the world ablaze with colour. The crisp air invites a rushing inside to fix hot drinks and mellowing out in the warm. How very Hygge! Poetics aside, Autumn is a great time to reinvigorate your big men’s wardrobe with some new cargo pants. You’ll be strutting around town in style in no time.

Let’s find out why we Aussie big men should enhance their Autumn look with flexi-waist cargo pants.

The Kakadu flexi-waist pants from ACL help us big men look cool while staying warm this Autumn. With their very urban appeal they simply ooze style. Made from 100% cotton, these pants are comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. No one wants to feel constricted as they saunter around the city or stroll about the countryside checking out all the delights on offer this Autumn. With a very comfortable elasticised stretch waist, these pants are sure to fit your big man frame well and complement whatever top you decide to pair with them. Can we recommend a great quality rugby top?

Not everyone likes having their cargo pants adorned with heaps of baggy, obvious pockets. These Kakadu flexi-waist pants are designed so that the pockets are quite subtle, but you still have access to plenty of them! In fact, you have two side-slanted waist pockets, two cargo-style pockets on the sides and two cargo-style pockets in the rear, all with velcro fasteners! Truly, you will be the man about town (or on the worksite) who can carry just about anything he needs for the day when you buy these stylish and utilitarian cargo pants.