Want to try VR gaming in Sydney? Here's where to go

  • 2 min read

Getting set up at home with everything you need for VR gaming is expensive - we're talking $500-plus territory, not including games. But is it worth it? Really, you won't know until you've tried it firsthand, and a quick spin in the shop isn't really enough - you need a proper go to see what the tech has to offer.

So with that in mind, check out these three places Australian blokes can try out VR gaming here in Sydney:

1: VR Corner

Centrally located in Haymarket, VR Corner lets you try out games in a range of genres like action, horror or first-person shooter, and has the capability for up to five-person multiplayer. You need to book ahead though, so organise some mates and make an event of it.

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2: City Hunter

Started by a bunch of avid gamers, City Hunter has been a fixture of Chatswood for more than a decade. The venue also sells gaming PCs, and offers a 'Play 2 Buy' system, where the money you spend playing their machines can be put towards a deposit if you decide to purchase a computer from them. This is a great example of the try-before-you-buy attitude we recommend when it comes to VR - if you spend some time here and decide you love the technology, you're already on your way towards owning it.

3: Spawn Point

This video game lounge on Clarence Street in the CBD is also a bar, because most venues are better when they're also a bar (because aren't all venues better when they're a also a bar?). It offers a variety of gaming consoles and arcade machines, ranging from the new excitement of VR all the way back to the vintage nostalgia of the NES.

Spawn Point has free entry, and the games are free to play as well - just don't be a jerk and hog one console all night. The bar is available for private hire, or you can just wander over one evening and enjoy the social atmosphere.

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