Refer a Friend


What is the Refer a Friend programme?

Put simply, you email your friend/family member/colleague using a special link on our website. They receive the email from you and click through to our website. If they make a purchase of $150 or more, they receive an introductory $15 discount and you receive a ‘thank you’ from us in the form of a 10% discount voucher. It’s a win, win!!


How does it work step-by-step?

Login to your account and find the Referred Friends link in the left hand navigation.

When you click through to the Referred Friends page, you will notice a blue button at the top right labelled ‘Invite a Friend’. Click on this button and a dialogue box will pop up on screen.


Simply enter your friend’s name and email address. You can edit the message subject or message text if you wish, or simply leave the default copy and click ‘Submit’. You will then see confirmation that your email has been sent.


When or if your referral registers on the website, you will see this in your account page under Referred Friends. Here you will be able to track all your referrals and the vouchers you accrue.



Who can I send it to?

You can send the referral link to anyone you wish. However, we do not endorse spamming, so you must know the people you are sending the referral to. Please also note that if the recipient is already a registered member of the Ron Bennett Big Men’s Clothing website, they will not qualify as a referral.


How much does my referral have to spend?

Whenever your referral places an order, this is recorded against your account as the referrer. Once they place an order for $150 or more, they receive a $15 discount and you will qualify for a reward.


How much is my reward?

You will receive a voucher for a 10% discount. You can redeem this on any order you place for $100 or more.


How many people can I invite?

You may invite as many people as you wish. For every referral who subsequently places an order for $150 or more, we will reward you with another 10% discount voucher.