Four easy tips on dressing for your body type

  • 3 min read

Just because you have a bigger frame and you’re a bigger guy than most, doesn’t mean you can’t dress well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re “big- boned,” super-fit with bulging muscles or just naturally like to indulge in delicious foods, just because you’re large doesn’t mean you can’t be in charge!

A guy of every statue needs to look good no matter how much they weigh – even if you’re dropping weight. The key to dressing when you’re larger than average is that you can’t go by traditional style norms that are focused on slimmer guys. Instead, learn to hide certain features and embellish others to look your best.

So for all of your larger more significant gents, we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to dress for your body type, regardless of how much more meat you have on your bones:

  1. Visual Tricks

In order to look your best, you’ll need to fool the eye a bit. You’ll want to minimize your problem areas to looker slimmer and sharper.  To do this you’ll want to make sure you always tuck your dress shirts into your pants or trousers and then add a belt to break up your belly from your crotch, so send the eye away from your midsection. Then draw the attention away from your stomach by creating a vertical line of some sort- either with the shirt buttonsor with a V-neck jumper.

  1. Wear Dark Colours

Another way to conceal a larger belly (or anywhere else you consider your problem area) is to wear dark colours so that you don’t bring attention to that area. And in contrast, you’ll want to choose lighter colors over slimmer areas.  This requires knowing what your better assets are so that you can make them work to enhance your overall frame.

  1. The Right Colors and Patterns

When you’re a larger guy, try and prevent wearing colors and patterns that will make you look like a big. Colours such as yellow, green, purple, pink, or red may do this to you.  Instead stick to more neutral and solid colors that will help you appear slimmer like black, olive, navy, and grey. When it comes to patterns choose traditional ones like stripe shirts that will help make subdued colours a bit more stylish. Stay away from busy patterns that will only emphasize your larger build.


  1. Flattering Fabrics

As a bigger guy, you’ll want to buy clothes in flattering fabrics that will last and help make you appear slimmer. You’ll want to get fabrics that won’t add more bulk to your frame. But the fabric should be sturdy as too light a fabric will show off more than you probably would want.  Also natural fabrics will not only help make you look slimmer than you are, but they’ll keep you cooler which is really important for men that are larger than normal.


As a larger man know that simplicity is key to looking fashionable and stylish.

When out shopping for clothes look for items that are shaped to your body.  And find a good tailor that can help shape your clothes to fit your body even more.

They’ll be able to help you hide your problem areas and show off your assets.