The Benefits of Made to Measure

  • 2 min read

It's a common problem for a lot of men - not having the ease of buying a new suit straight off the rack and simply wearing it without the hassle and added costs of alterations to create that perfect fit. Even mannequins have the suits pinned at the sides for adequate display, so it's only natural a big and tall gentlemen will face these issues as well. 

Ron Bennet Big Men's Clothing have the perfect solution, thus introducing the Made to Measure Clothing Lab! The concept can sound a little daunting but it's quite the opposite - it's fun and the end result will certainly not disappoint - let's quickly cover the step by step process.

Simply drop into any certified Made to Measure clothing lab and the friendly pros take your precise measurements because after all, that's the most import part of any ensemble. Made to Measure has an extensive collection of over 900 fabrics including cotton, wool, cashmere and linen - suitable for any and every season of the year. With such a varied assortment of fabric and a complete palette of colour options, you won't ever hear the words "default".

The beauty of Made to Measure is that you have control over every aspect of your suit which makes it truly and uniquely your suit; from style cuts, fabric type, internal linings to button styles, your suit will be a reflection of your personal taste.

We go the extra mile and focus on the fine details such as reinforce stitching, providing a variety of extra pockets and even different belt hoops!

After approximately four weeks, your new suit will be delivered directly to your door and we guarantee nothing will beat the feeling of being able to confidently rock a suit that was made to specifically fit you and only you. 

Ready to give us a try? Check out our made to measure service online now.