Are Big Men Dad Bods the Next Big Thing?

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In recent good news for us big men, the ‘dad bod’ is so hot right now. Indeed, the “softly round” body shape for men is being embraced by the likes of such Hollywood heavyweights as Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith. And little wonder why. Recent research reveals that women prefer big men who sport a bit of extra heft, than those who do not.

The dad bod trend that is presently sweeping modern society is a welcome reprieve from how the mass media usually represents us blokes. Huge muscular frames, shirt sleeve popping arms, and legs like tree trunks. Men have been conditioned to accept we have to look like Mr Universe in order to be considered successful.

The "ideal" male body type

Think about it. Girls may play with Barbie dolls which we know set an unrealistic and unachievable body image, but boys play with action figures like He-Man. The hours and hours of intense training, scrupulous dieting and sacrifice (not to mention bucket loads of PEDs) that would be required to look like He-Man would ensure the modern man would be disowned by his family for neglecting them. We big men don’t have the time nor the desire to spend countless hours away from our families slogging away in a gym just to look a certain way. We’ve got better things to focus on. Like being a good dad, for instance.

This is not to say that we should let the standards we have set for ourselves and our physical health slip. No. Moreover, being the proud owner of a dad bod means not giving a toss about what others may think about you because you are on your mission. You are striving to be the best version of yourself inside and out.

Celebrities and the dad bod

big men dad bod

Mark Wahlberg serves as an inspiration to many big men for his unflinching dedication to maintaining a gruelling workout regime. In the past, the Ted actor has shown off his insane training routine which begins with a 2:30 am wake up and encompasses two workouts per day. However, as can be seen in a recent body transformation pic he shared with the world, Marky Mark seems to have traded in his ripped physique for a good old dad bod.

Maybe he’s filling out his frame for an upcoming film role, maybe he’s undergoing a bulking up phase, or maybe he’s just embracing dad life.

Whichever way you cut it, Wahlberg is not the only male superstar sporting some extra heft.

big men dad bod

Actor, rapper and film producer Will Smith recently also shared a photo showing off his big man dad bod. The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was quick to weigh in with his two cents, saying: “Will, you poor baby, I’m crying for you, even though you’re still in better shape than 90% of America. Keep pumping!” However, the majority of commenters on Smith’s post supported the Pursuit of Happyness star’s new look. Most people praised him for his honesty. Indeed, Hollywood super director Michael Bay commented: “…let’s get the band back together?? Bad Boys Final Chapter. You’ll get in shape I guarantee you!” This comment certainly raises a few questions. Could there be a new M.I.B film in the works? Will the Men in Black attempt to save the Earth once again? Could the new film be any worse than the last one??

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, as big men, it is important to feel comfortable in the skin we’re in. And if a dad bod is good enough for Hollywood hunks, it should be good enough for us too. We shouldn’t let worrying about ‘macros’ or whether or not a meal is keto or paleo get in the way of enjoying ourselves. Sure, the dad bod is more 4x4 than sportscar, more mashed potato than steamed beans, more Shrek than Kristoff. But on the upside, women find big men with dad bods more approachable. Not only are we less intimidating, we’re also more fun to be around. Big men with dad bods make the best dinner partners. We understand that good food, good wine and good company equals a great time!

To put it another way, according to Washington Post columnist Peter Holley, a dad bod isn’t just “attractive because of what it looks like, but because of what it says. A dad bod says I have a job, responsibilities and enough money to nod approvingly when someone says 'guacamole is extra.'"

By Anthony Cheadle