Tips for Big Men Home Renovators

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Are you a big man who likes nothing more than getting stuck into handyman projects on the weekend? Or, maybe you are a relative newcomer to the home DIY scene. Whatever your credentials, there will come a time where we big men will have our significant other turn to us and say something like: “Honey, I was thinking we should update the kitchen.”

That is usually how it starts. Welcome, you have now officially entered the realm of big men home renovators. Before too long you may find yourself elbow deep in Bunnings paint samples, YouTube video tutorials, and Pinterest inspo boards.

Once you have decided to go down the path of renovating your home there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Living through a home renovation is a lot like living in the wild. Just do whatever it takes to survive.
  2. Be prepared for the mess!

As a veteran of a recent home renovation myself, I can attest that it is one of the most stressful yet ultimately rewarding things you can do. Certainly, if you undertake some or most of the work yourself, you stand to reap the rewards. And I don’t mean just financially. I mean when your wife looks on with new found admiration at your capabilities as a big man home renovator.

Therefore, we have put together this handy set of tips. These tips will help novice and seasoned big men home renovators alike in the quest to beautify your home.

big men home renovators

Scott Cam on the job in his finest Bisley Workwear

Big Men Home Reno Tip #1 – D.I.Y Demolition

Doing your own demolition ensures you are cashing in on some serious sweat equity. Not only that, you also get to enjoy the cathartic release that can be found in breaking stuff. However, before you start swinging a sledgehammer, it’s important to have a plan. You need to know how you will cart and dispose of the removed items in a safe and environmentally responsible way. You may choose to reuse or repurpose some things, whereas other items can be easily sold or given away. Trust me on this one: you’ will marvel at what some people are willing to pay for household fittings you no longer require. And here’s another demo tip I only learned the hard way: tape up your air ducts. The dust produced during demolition can (and will) coat every room in the house with a layer of fine dust. Your missus will not be happy.

Big Men Home Reno Tip #2 – Tool up

Nothing is more Australian than a Saturday morning trip to Bunnings to acquire some new tools (as well as the obligatory snag or two). And nothing is more devastating than discovering, sometime later, that said tools are now no longer to be found lying around where you last left them. When you are living in the construction site that has become your home, it is easy for things to get misplaced, relocated, or flat out go missing.

My advice is to collect all of your tools and put them back where they belong each and every day. Whether that be the toolbox, backyard shed, workbench, or just a space designated for tools around your house/work site. Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have one of these. Whatever the case, just make sure you always tidy up and pack away at the end of every day. It is never fun spending two hours trying to locate your measuring tape the next time you need to use it!

Big Men Home Reno Tip #3 – Safety matters

Here’s a fact for you: falling from a ladder and using power tools are the two most common ways we Aussies get hurt on the home reno job. If you don’t want to become another statistic it’s time to pay attention to your PPE. Investing in good quality work boots, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs and a respirator is a must. Beyond this you might also want to don a set of knee pads, especially if you’re doing any kind of flooring.

Also, don’t forget the value of buying great quality workwear. If you plan on carrying out an extended home reno, good workwear will become indispensable. Renovating a house is a messy endeavour. You will get covered in dust, dirt, paint, glue, etc. Fitting yourself out in new work gear will save your regular wardrobe from getting trashed. And not only is workwear made tougher than your normal civilian attire, it also marks you as a doer, a fixer and above all else, a big man home renovator.

Final thoughts

big men home renovators

Big men home renovators see things in terms of how they could be improved

So, there you have it. With these tips under your belt you’re all set to roll up your sleeves and start getting your hands dirty renovating your home yourself. Obviously, it is not advisable to do highly specialised work yourself. Unless you like to live dangerously, rewiring your entire house as an unqualified electrician is never a smart move. However, don’t be afraid to have a crack at designing, purchasing, demolishing and labouring (some tradies welcome this, others do not) on your new home reno yourself.

We big men like to distinguish ourselves in life as large and in charge guys who take the bull by the horns when it comes to enjoying the finer things. And when it comes to our digs, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as steering a home renovation toward creating a space that is truly how we want it: largely luxurious.

By Anthony Cheadle