Where to find Sydney's best burgers

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Sydney boasts a huge range of options for the discerning burger lover, and as much as you'd like to, sometimes it feels like you just can't try them all. Here at Big Men's Clothing we're big burger fans, so we thought we'd help with a few recommendations of some notable burgers to check out in the city.

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Sydney's best burger

This is a fiercely-contested title, but according to Time Out's Battle of the Burger competition, the 2016 Sydney winner is Bar Luca, with their Blame Canada burger. Along with the usual fillings of Wagyu beef, cheese, bacon and aioli, the winning addition was poutine. Who needs sides when you've got fries and gravy right there in the burger?

Bar Luca also got the top slot in a list curated by the Facebook's Fatties Burger Appreciation Society last year, so you know their quality's been verified by experts.

Sydney's biggest burger

Having said that, best is a subjective term, and nobody's ever going to agree about quality. So what about quantity?

Last May the Rooty Hill RSL offered the Rooty Burger - a monster creation containing an 800 gram beef patty, four eggs, 10 rashers of bacon, salad and cheese. If that's not enough, it also came with onion rings and a bucket of fries. Although it's not currently offering the Rooty Burger, Rooty Hill RSL still offers seven tasty burgers that are worth checking out. Our pick is the double-layered Shack Burger, a solid take on the traditional beef, cheese and bacon combo.

So who's making the biggest burger in Sydney currently? We're not sure, but if you have a suggestion we'd love to hear it.

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Sydney's most lasagne burger

You read it correctly - this burger takes everything that's good about burgers and combines it with everything good about baked pasta dishes. The end result is a novel take on what the word 'burger' means.

Available from Bertoni Casalinga in Balmain, the Lasagne Burger delivers on what the name promises. The description in the menu is a cryptic "don't ask, just order it," but gives a little bit more insight, explaining that the burger is a combination of Wagyu beef, Bolognese sauce and mozzarella cheese smooshed between two deep fried slabs of crumbed lasagne. They're pushing the boundaries of what technically counts as a burger with this one, but honestly? We're fine with that. True burger or not, this pile of deliciousness is an experience worth having.

It doesn't matter if you're heading out for a first date, a working lunch or just grabbing a feed with mates, burgers are the food that fits all occasions. Likewise, Big Men's Clothing's range of formal and casual menswear keeps us large blokes looking smart and stylish no matter what. Check out our menu - um, our catalogue - today.