How can Big Men make sure 2022 is our year? One word: Microhabits.

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In what will go down in history as a truly annus horrobilis, 2021 is now thankfully behind us. Finally, we big men can set our sights on making a dent in 2022. After a shocker of a year, that felt like a bad song stuck on repeat, what’s the best way of picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and preparing for a cracking year ahead?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some real world tips we big men can use to make sure we maximise everything about our lifestyle, finances, relationships, health and fashion style in 2022. With 2022 still only in its infancy, maybe you’ve already slipped up on at least one of your New Year’s resolutions. If so, you are not alone. Rather than setting big, confronting goals that take a lot of sticking to, this year we should instead harness the power of microhabits. What are microhabits? – I hear you ask. Read on to learn more.

Big Men Microhabits for Taking On 2022

We big men tend to like doing things to excess. Whether it’s working hard, playing hard or going all out to impress the ones we love, we are not known to do things by halves. So, when it comes to charting the course for a really successful 2022, it’s only natural that we should want to go big. Big goals, big dreams, big change. However, if we want to see some truly lasting change, the experts argue that the reverse is true.

Lofty goals, such as meditating one hour each day or reading more books can become both tedious and laborious. Meaning, they aren’t sustainable. The best advice is to begin small by focusing on tiny, achievable actions that we can build on over time. Say for instance you want to be a more mindful big bloke who meditates. Start with a 30 meditation whilst you wait for your morning coffee to percolate. Congratulations! You are now harnessing the power of microhabits to change the course of your life.

5 great microhabits for big men

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Microhabit #1 – Uplift your upkeep

The lives of your favourite celebrities sure look glamorous, right? Fancy cars, lavish homes, expensive clothes, world travel. However one thing that they don’t show you on their Instagram feed is their daily maintenance regimes. The wealthiest people on the planet still have chores. The reality is that we big men need to stay on top of our daily upkeep if we ever want to master our life. What is it that Canadian psychologist and all round intellectual heavyweight Jordan Peterson once said? If you want to be someone who makes a difference in the world start by cleaning your room. The quality of your life will be vastly improved if you schedule time for taking care of the fundamentals such as cleaning, healthy meal prep, and exercise. And just on that last note, is 2022 the year you become, step-by-step, a big man who runs?

Microhabit #2 – Monitor your money

Make it a daily ritual to check your bank balance. In order to work towards financial freedom your need to exercise control over your money. And that means you need to start becoming aware of what’s coming in versus how much you’ve got outgoing. Better yet, create a budget. If you don’t already have one budgets might sound like boring, joyless things. But they can actually help you have a whole lot more fun. Once you’ve mastered the arts of saving, delayed gratification and long term investment versus living for the now. You’re a big boy – it’s time to get serious about making your money work for you rather than the other way around.

Microhabit #3 - Have more H2O

Around 3 litres of water consumed per day is ideal. However, if you’re like me and get too busy (or reach for a cup of coffee instead) try focusing on simply drinking one more glass of water a day. See if you can sneak it into your schedule upon waking. Drinking water first thing in the morning works wonders on your overall health as it aids in weight loss and improves your metabolism. Winning!

Microhabit #4 – Skip a snack or two

Forget keto. Skip counting calories. Ditch the IIFYM calculators (unless of course you mean “if it fits your mouth”). Stress less about perfecting every little morsel that crosses your lips. To become a healthier version of you focus on foregoing just one unhealthy food choice a day. And when that is part of your new routine, try for two.

Microhabit #5 – Finesse your fashion

big men fashion

Put your best foot forward fashion-wise in 2022 by expanding your big men’s capsule wardrobe, one carefully chosen piece at a time. And what's even better (for your aforementioned budget) is getting it at a discounted price! When it comes to doing good, feeling good and being good in 2022 it’s also important to look good too. That’s because when we look our best our confidence levels soar and, according to Oprah herself: “it is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”

With that in mind, we at Ron Bennett wish you many new adventures this new year. It’s up to you where you’ll end up this time next year.

By Anthony Cheadle